This site contains the writings of B. D. B. Moses on the great commission. 


He has been training leaders around the world and writing on missions for the past ten years.   

And they sang the song of Moses: “Who will not fear you, O Lord, and bring glory to your name? For you alone are holy. All nations (Ethnos) will come and worship before you.” Revelation 15:3-4

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  1. calwin says:

    Respected ministers of god
    My name is calwin . I am a theologian from tamil nadu , iam doing ministry in the name of All For Jesus.Also iam running a christian institution namely Tuition Centre, Computer education& spoken english classes.I need 2 girls to work in your instituitions. If any one is interested contact to this number 09943363148 or e-mail at calwin@in.com

  2. Free verse by verse Bible study !!!!
    Conservative, evangelical exegesis using
    1. history
    2. context
    3. original word meanings
    4. syntax-grammar
    5. genre
    6. parallel passages
    These Bible studies emphasize the original inspired authors’ intent (one
    meaning) and then attempts to offer possible applications (significances).
    These free Bible studies are available in video, audio & written formats.
    Please look at http://www.freeBibleCommentary.org and if you like it a free
    is available upon request which contains all of the written material.
    Please remember that no one agrees completely with any commentary. They
    are meant to be thought provoking, not definitive!
    I am making this life’s work available free to be a blessing to the body
    of Christ. I was teaching at an OMS seminary in Haiti several years ago and
    I felt the Lord say to my heart”make them available free”. I am trying to
    follow that “word”. If you feel comfortable share this website address with
    others interested in Bible study.
    Dr. Bob Utley
    Professor of Hermeneutics (retired)

  3. Lecturer Mostafa Kamal says:

    Dear Sir,
    Greetings the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am a converted
    Christian from Muslim background. I have completed my Master Degree in
    English and taken different Training in Christian Theology.
    Now I am preparing some note/book for easy preaching in Bangali and
    Muslim community. And for discriminating my idea I am looking some
    Christian Mission/Organization who are involved to preaching and
    Biblical Training activities. If you have any scope or related
    information please help me. Here I am attaching a note for your kind
    watching and necessary consideration.

    Yours became in Christ.

    Lecturer Mostafa Kamal

  4. Dear Director

    It’s with a great pleasure that I’m writing you this letter in behalf on the Ministry Evangelism Mission for Christ. M.E.M.C

    We are a Christian group that believe in Jesus-Christ.
    Our aims are: to organize Evangelism in countrysides and to share the Good news of Jesus-Christ with people everywhere, especially in countries, Villages of our country Togo and also in Hospitals and prisons.
    So, according to the increasing number of the group,we want to ask you for a help in partnership with your Ministry Organization some gifts of charity of Bibles, New Testaments, Booklets in French version and others clothing and medicine for that we are witnessing in the most backward town

    for the increase of souls won in villages and towns who come to Christ we need your support and help to plant churches
    thank you for your help

    for our coming countryside evangelism which be hold in the months of

    March 2014
    Jun 2014
    November 2014
    then, your gifts will be the welcomed and they will help us to save a lot of souls that we are going to meet during our ministry of Evangelism.

    May the blessing of God be with you Amen

    Evangelist Missionary

  5. BASHIR says:

    Email: plantingchurchesinsidemuslims@gmail.com / gospel2muslims@gmail.com
    Sub : Need for tracts / literature / Booklets & other materials for outreach ministry among Muslims & other groups
    Dear Director / Pastor / Brother in Christ,
    Greetings to you in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
    I would like to share with you that God has filled my heart with His love and compassion to reach out to our dear Muslim neighbors for His own glory. The team members & I are praying for the Muslims neighbors so that their hearts will be change and they will come to know Him personally and their lives will be transformed by His grace & mercy. We are praying according to His will & guidance to establish more House Churches inside Muslim community & other groups for His own glory.
    Several Muslim men & women have surrendered their lives to Jesus by His and many have gone through the persecution by the radical Muslims. At present, we have a weekly Friday worship services for the believers from Muslim background and few House Churches inside the Muslim community by His grace & mercies. God is doing amazing work in the hearts of our dear Muslim neighbors.
    I and the team members are praying for more literature / Booklets / tracts to reach out Muslims & other neighbors.
    Humbly, I request you kindly pray that God may provide it for the extension of His Kingdom in our area.
    Bashir & Team

  6. victor emmanuel says:

    I am a pastor from Andhra Pradesh, India. Our ministry is based at Kurnool and operates among Telugu people. Kurnool District is known as the gate way to Rayala Seema of Andhra Pradesh. Rayala Seema is a zone known for long history of faction killings. Revenge killings not only limited to families but extended to all the supporters of those families. As a result of this, many women remaining as widows and children left as orphans. Because of these killings, there was not much development in these districts. Only Gospel can transform the lives of people and society. With this concern and vision we have started our ministry in Rayala Seema and expanding among Telugu community.
    We have a burden and vision for Rayala Seema which turned into a mission. Our mission is explained at best in three-fold.
    1. Church Planting
    2. Discipleship Training
    3. Reach the un-reached through Print Media.

    We carry out Outreach ministry and proclaim the Good News to the unreached. When some respond in faith, we do follow-up ministry and strengthen the new believers which result into a formation of fellowship. The fellowship would be nurtured by a Disciple of Christ who render the pastoral ministry to the converts.
    Paul exhorts Timothy to handover the ministry to faithful and able stewards of Christ. So we train believers as faithful disciples of the Word of God. We train them for two years, we give theological teaching and also practical exposure to the field ministry so that they would be well equipped in theory and practice. Then we send them to nurture the churches that are planted.
    Media is playing vital part in evangelism. We can reach many people through printed tracts and audio-video ministries. There is a great need of printing gospel tracts and these tracts are not available in Telugu language. Some organizations are printing them in Chennai.The quality of content is also not much edifying. Hence we are planning to print Gospel tracts and distribute them to every house, every village in Telugu states. Lord willing we would like to distribute them at free of cost. Help us according to the will and leading of the Lord towards these ministries.

    Your brother in Christ
    Victor Emmanuel, India

  7. Sito silas didas says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    On behalf of our mission organization , we hereby write to introduce the organization

    Didsil Foundation Mission is a Ugandan based ministry , founded in 2017 and working for the promotion of the gospel through planting of house churches and showing Christ love in a practical way through visiting unable people and fighting for children’s survival in East Africa.

    Our mission is to work for the improvement of the plights of children, young people and women in East Africa through Gospel sharing, training, research, education and innovative early interventions; bridging the gap between theory, policy and practice.

    You will bear witness with us that in today’s society many children experiences abuses every day from people they know/trust and sometime from people they don’t know and it threaten their survival, development and participation in society.And many people still need the gospel spread to them from the remote villages and islands in east Africa.
    It is in the recognition of these plights and threat we are having missions and studies in primary, secondary schools and community levels; raising awareness through public discuss; building the capacity of teachers, parents, Community based organizations

    These missions help support orphan and vulnerable children go back to school or learn life skills.and also the spread of the gospel and creation home churches and local churches

    We solicit for your support and partnership in this mission .

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.



    President foundation

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