Against the Grain book reveiw


Against the Grain by Khalad Hussain is an autobiographical account of Hussain’s journey from Pakistan to England and from Islam to Christianity. The book gives a very interesting inside account into his Marpuri village in Pakistan and the world view he grew up with. He documents his worldview shift that came in England mostly through reading and music. Another important shift for Khalad was through his studies and his job. His inclination for studies and English language led him deeper into his new culture of England.

The Pakistan community in England and home clashed with his new lifestyle but as the book indicates Khalad chose to go against the grain. Adopting English culture did not automatically mean he would adopt Christianity. That was a separate and more intense struggle for Khalad.

He mentions that he was part of writing a Marpuri translation of the Bible. He has not told his Pakistani friends or family that he has become a follower of Jesus Christ. It seems his mother would know because he told her he was going to church.

Khalad gives us a challenge to understand Pakistanis and to witness the love of Christ to them when we have a chance.

I recommend you read this book for yourself…..Purchase here

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  1. Khalad hussain says:

    Can I also encourage readers to write reviews on Amazon
    Thank you
    Khalad Hussain

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