Book review: T4T A Discipleship ReRevolution

If you are about discipleship, church planting and the great commission then here is a must read for you.

T4T A Discipleship ReRevolution

This book is going to help you understand and sharpen your focus on the 5 parts of a CPM. Church Planting Movements

Entry: Your church planters are working in districts where there are dozens or hundreds of villages with no Christian presence. How do you establish work where no believers or churches presently exist?

Evangelism: How to you transform your ministry so that instead of a few pastors and evangelists sharing the gospel every believer is sharing the gospel?

Follow up & Discipleship: How do you equip new believers to follow-up and disciple those they are leading to Christ themselves?

Church Formation: How do you organize the new believers into new churches instead of inviting them to existing churches?

Leadership Multiplication: How will hundreds and thousands of new leaders be raised up that will shepherd a church planting movement?

There is a helpful site to go along with the book.   You can order the book on this site and download a rich source of free supplemental information here.

You will be amazed how you will read Acts chapters 9-20 differently after you read this book. You will be asking yourself, Why did I not see that before.  Yes that is how the early disciples turned their world upside down, the revolution.

If you are still not sure about buying this book then start by reading these two chapters online.

Chapter 1

Chapter 21

Buy the book or browse the resources here:  T4T A Discipleship ReRevolution

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