Marathi Gospel resources

“Andaraton Prakashakade” is a collection of Testimonies in Marathi. If you would like to receive copies leave the details in the comments.

Download the Marathi New Testament

Ethnic Harvest Resources    


Marathi Faith Comes By Hearing


4 Spiritual Laws Marathi

Trans World Radio Marathi

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4 Responses to Marathi Gospel resources

  1. dennis jacobs says:

    would like many Hindi gospel of johns and witness tracts
    where can I get these???

  2. rachana madhapur says:

    I would like to get marathi tracts & marathi testmonieS on the foolowing address”SOHAM APT, PLOT.NO,87 OPP.NEHRU GARDEN,KANSAI,AMBERNATH (E)


  3. joshua darla says:

    kindly send me marathi gospe; tracts on below add

  4. Am a tract missionary based in Manchester, England. Could you please supply me with Tamil, Marathi and Malayalam tracts about 200 of each. Thank you. Please respond to Going Home MInistries,

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