Reaching the world in the USA

I remember a mission discussion in India where someone challenged to “go” for the great commission asked a great strategic question, “How to go when you are already there”?

It was a great question and the answer is that going is not always moving or going to a foreign country. If India has almost half the worlds Unreached People Groups why do India Christians need to travel to another country? Going might mean finding an unreached people group right around them.

But in America?

At practically every exit on every interstate in America is a hotel owned by one of the world’s most unreached peoples of Gujarati Hindus. Churches and associations should start an adopt a highway campaign and reach all the unreached peoples on the interstate exits and campuses.

In the past the international students coming to the USA were coming from Asia; India and China. Now they are coming from the oil money families of the Middle East. There is no longer a divide between the USA and the other nations.

Need resources to help?

for Reaching Hindus around you



Here are Gospel Tracts to help you share Jesus Christ with Hindus: These are downloadable to your desktop for you to print and use. Whoever sows abundantly reaps abundantly.


English Truth Always Triumph tract Truth Always Triumphs Tract

Vedic Bridge English Version The Vedic Bridge Tract  

*Hind Version now available! Hindi Version Vedic Bridge

* Bangali Version Now available! Bengali Version Vedic Bridge


Vedic Bridge tract

Reaching Muslims around you

Sharing the Gospel with Muslims

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One Response to Reaching the world in the USA

  1. Sudhakar Muthyala says:

    I live in Atlanta and would like to reach Hindus with suitable tracts. Will you able to deliver 500 of English and Hindi tracts. My address is 710 Peach tree St NE #1534, Atlanta, GA, 30308

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